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The most advanced, complete and up-to-date Angular 1.x courses on the web.

I'm Todd Motto, a Developer Advocate at Telerik, JavaScript engineer, conference speaker and workshop trainer. I've trained and mentored teams at Google, Virgin Media and Salesforce. Ultimate AngularJS is the result of years of experience, development and knowledge of AngularJS, packed into premium training packages.

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Todd Motto AngularJS Online Courses

"Ultimate AngularJS has been designed specifically for you to master AngularJS quickly, and in your own time. Within minutes you'll grasp core concepts, start building and accelerate to become an accomplished AngularJS developer. I'm confident you'll love it."

What you'll learn

Ultimate AngularJS focuses on the the stable 1.5.x versions that brings you all the latest knowledge, features and practices for component-based architecture. See each course for a more detailed overview on everything you'll be learning.

  • Latest Angular 1.5.x features
  • Component-based architecture
  • Custom Components
  • MVC/MVVM patterns
  • Advanced Directives
  • Unit and e2e testing
  • Server communication
  • Advanced routing
  • Forms and custom validation
  • Project structure
  • Data-binding
  • DOM/Event Directives
  • Scope inheritance
  • Dependency Injection
  • ... and much more!

Online courses

The performance course is now available for pre-order. Initial pre-release courses are limited in stock, so get in early to grab your generously priced training package as the current promotional prices are only available during pre-release.

  • Lifetime unlimited updates
  • Full HD video access
  • Stream anywhere, any device
  • Top quality audio
  • Full source code access
  • Modular learning approach
Todd's knowledge and content on Angular helped shape the way Ford (Ford Global UX) write Angular.

- Scott Tolinski

Todd's knowledge helped Harrods to make our CMS more performant, maintainable and changed the way we write our code.

- Ben Brown

I wish his courses were available back in 2012! Todd is ridiculously talented!

- Jurgen Van de Moere

Todd is not "just another developer". He has set me on the path to becoming an expert as well.

- Chris Lewis